Transforming the Workplace with Art

Artworks have the potential to enhance the workplace, stimulate staff and help to create a positve, healthy working environment...



Engaging Staff

Art in the workplace need not be an after-thought in the design of an office. I believe art can be integrated into the design of the workplace so that it engages staff in the process of making it - therefore becoming a creative catalyst for positive staff interactions and creating a meaningful sense of ownership of the artwork and of course the workplace too. Then to add to this there are the subsequent benefits of the artworks in the workplace -

- Inspiring focal points in the office

- Creating an uplifting environment

- Relieving stress through calming visual references


Companies where my work has been either placed or commissioned:


What kind of art for the office?

There is no prescriptive type of art which can be said to be most appropriate for the workplace and very often it will depend on the ethos of a company and their chosen image/brand which they attempt to portray. But generally I think art should be timeless, appealing and engaging. Just as many companies attempt to greet their clients and employees with fresh flowers and plants, so too should the artworks on the walls. An artwork can inspire creative thought, perhaps promote productivity and why not, after all, offer a glimpse of beauty in the working environment. For those who seek proof, research has been carried out to prove the well-being advantages of art in the workplace and even of increased productivity levels - see the research of Dr Craig Knight, Exeter University:

link to article


What can I do for you?


I can be commissioned to carry out an art commission in collaboration with staff. Developing a theme with staff, I can carry out an inspiring project in which staff will be creatively engaged in making artworks for their walls. Workshops can encourage people to look at their local environment and working on themes such 'The Journey to Work', people can be encouraged to look positively at their daily routines and since photography is often very popular, people are keen to get involved.

- Artwork theme can be developed in collaboration with staff

- Consultation workshops throughout the process

- Photography workshops for staff - from pinhole photography to digital photography. Resulting work could become staff exhibition or even contribute to the final artworks.

Sale or rental  of existing works in my portfolio:

Choose from many different pieces in my existing portfolio which can be purchased as limited editions or in most cases also available at custom sizes as Artist Proofs. Various mounting and framing options can also be arranged.

Rent - some pieces which I keep in my studio can be made available for rental from 6 months at a time. Please get in touch to find out what is available at this time.