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Dominic Pote
info at dominicpote dot co dot uk
+44 (0)7884 488 692


Ordering a photograph...

All photographs are available to order. Each photograph has a limited edition at a fixed size and then between 3 and 5 (depending on the series)
artist's proofs can be made at sizes outside of the edition. Once all editions have been sold out, no more prints will be made. Each photograph comes
with a signed and numbered edition label on the reverse.

Photographs are archival Lambda C-Type prints, the highest quality digital/wet process available. Prints can then be mounted on aluminium and coated
with a matt seal. A hidden sub-frame makes it possible to hang the photograph like this on the wall or if framing is desired, I recommend glassless tray-
frames. See examples of both methods below.

Please get in touch using the form above to enquire about availability and pricing.



I am available for commissions, from one-off photographs to a collection. My photographs are available for exhibitions, interior design projects and private
and corporate rentals. Please get in touch to discus a proposal.

I bought one photograph from Dominic Pote’s Shoreline series and a few years later two more from his Ocean Surf series. I have been collecting photography for about 15 years and his work stands among the photographic work I continue to admire. His work is beautifully crafted as he searches for unexplored territories of photography to produce photographs that have a great expressionist pictorial quality to them. He does not simply record an image, he creates one as he projects an emotional intent into the viewer’s realms of imagination and psyche whether it be the memory of a place or the longing of one. The movement and haze often represented in Dominic Pote’s photographs allow the viewer to be drawn into the landscapes as if one was “transported” and in some ways physically there, particularly with his larger pieces.

Pascal - collector of photographs

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