Healthcare Fine Art-   Large-scale artworks for hospitals and all healthcare interiors...


  • Over 12 years experience of making large scale artworks for the healthcare environment

  • Collaborative projects to engage staff and patients in a meaningful arts and health commission

  • A large portfolio of fine-art photography appropriate for the healthcare interior which can be printed to custom sizes

  • Photographs can be produced as framed pieces, light-boxes, mounted on aluminium or as digital wallpaper

  • A Personal approach - site visits, delivery and installation of artworks always available

  • Get in discuss a proposal or to request access to the client area

  • Take a look at some case studies of completed arts and health installations and commissions...


It was believed – actually throughout the whole human history – that soul and body were connected and the attempt to heal the body was not done without an attempt to heal the soul. Our physical health goes hand in hand with our mental and emotional health. We need to be healthy, but we also need to feel healthy. Art is connected to the human spirit; we are creative beings, whether it is to create or to experience a created work. Art gives us strength, inspiration and a feeling of being alive. All this applies to all kinds of art and creativity in general, but even more so to visual art.


Creating a therapeutic healthcare environment extends beyond the elimination of boredom. Arts and humanities programmes have been shown to have a positive effect on inpatients. The measured improvements include:

• inducing positive physiological and psychological changes in clinical outcomes

• reducing drug consumption

• shortening length of hospital stay

• promoting better doctor-patient relationships

• improving mental healthcare*

*Source: British Medical Association,2011


Previous Healthcare clients:

Scarborough Hospital
Gloucester Royal Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Salisbury Hospital
St Giles Hospices
Bingley Health Centre, Yorkshire
Kingston-upon-Thames Hospital
Guys Hospital, London
Worcestershire NHS
Runnymede Hotel Spa
Willis Newson


Various images from Healthcare projects and commissions:

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