Tenbury Wells Hospital

Artworks for a community hospital: Tenbury Wells Hospital, Worcestershire


Over a period of 5 months from 2011 - 2012 I have been visiting the Worcestershire/Shropshire landscapes around the town of Tenbury Wells. My brief was to make 2 large works for the new male and female wards in Tenbury Hospital. Working with staff and patient representatives, locations and viewpoints were discussed and a shortlist was made of the best local landmarks and viewpoints. Returning to the area over many months I became familiar with the area and finally settled on two viewpoints to work with for the final two pieces. It was then just a case of returning time and time again until the light was right and then for the magic to happen on the film (which is not easy given the experimental nature of my work). Although each image was made in a matter of seconds, I think there are at least 10 days of driving, walking and waiting behind each one!

Each image was made up to 280 cm by 80 cm and mounted onto aluminium. Installation took place in May 2012...