Sennen Cove, Cornwall

While I am passionate about using film and old cameras, back in 2015 I did finally invest in a professional digital camera. For the first year it did not accompany me on shoots and was mostly used for documenting my work once installed. But slowly I became familiar with my new camera, mostly taking photographs of my family. Then while down in Cornwall by the sea at Sennen Cove I decided to try it out in place of my roll-film camera since it was almost dusk and getting too dark for the film stock I was using. Experimenting with long exposures, multiple exposures and generally going against all the rules (as I tend to do)... I began to get a few satisfiying results. I have been quite a dertermined purist over the years with regards to using film, but I can see a place for the digital camera in my creative work flow. After all, as an image maker, the most important thing for me is the initial concept or the vision. Whether the plate on which I capture my images is a roll of film or a digital sensor, this is secondary to my vision and ideas..I hope!